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And Half a Year Later…

Here is my new bedroom. The carpet was installed today! Once I get the bookshelf in the new office upright, I’ll take a picture in there too (right now, the bookshelf is lying right smack in the middle of the room – not very pretty).

Right now, the master bath is the biggest “to do” – we’re waiting to finish the tiling on the tub deck and backsplash, as well as needing to order a shower door, and (very important) get the new toilet installed! Also to do: run a gas line so our dryer can function in the new laundry room.

I really needed some completion on this project and am very excited to start MOVING IN. It’s been a rough week – between PMS, Pumpkin having some massive attitude problems due to massive teething problems, and my dad being in town because my great aunt is quite ill. Something HAD to go right.

Quotable Pumpkin

To be fair, Pumpkin is expanding her vocabulary daily, and today was no different. She gave her big sis a big smooch and The Princess said, “Hey mom, that was a nice dry kiss!” and Pumpkin said, “Good Job!”

Me: Pumpkin, where’s your cup?
Pumpkin: In backpack.
(that’s her answer to everything, by the way, if you are trying to find something. Blame Dora – everything is in Dora’s backpack!).

Pumpkin (In the grocery store, walking past the crackers): Fish! Fish! (while doing the ASL sign for fish when we saw goldfish crackers – and yeah, I bought them!).

She’ll also say: yuck, peanut butter, molar, and other assorted weird words.

Grooming, Princess-Style

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting with The Princess on the couch, looked over at her face and realized… half her right eyebrow is gone. WHAT?!?

Immediately, I ask what happened.

“I don’t know.”

I asked what she did.

“I don’t know.”

When did this happen?

“I don’t know.”

It ended up in a one mom version of “good-cop-bad-cop” (yes, I played both roles). I asked if she did it or if someone else did it to her. She said she didn’t know. She was eventually getting teary puddly eyes saying to me, “Mom! I swear! I’m TELLING YOU THE TRUTH! I don’t KNOW!” Even when I said that there would be no chocolate cake for little girls who wouldn’t tell mommy what happened, she was pretty adamant that she didn’t know what happened.

I finally explained to her that I was not going to be mad if she would just tell me what really happened. That when people don’t tell that truth, it upsets me more than what the truth could be. That finally pulled the story out: She had stood on the side of the bath on her tiptoes to reach my razor which is way up high in the shower… and for some reason, shaved her eyebrow.

She’s LUCKY. She really could’ve gotten hurt (in fact, Stepson did this when he was a toddler – got ahold of his mother’s razor – cut his scalp in numerous places – ended up needing stitches). And she’s also lucky that she’s blonde and her eyebrows are fairly light and this really isn’t TOO noticeable.

But. Oy. What on earth was my girl thinking?!

The Quotable Princess

The Princess said, “Mom, there are some people who just don’t like to clean and I am one of those people. Yeah, I’m a person like that.”