Curling it Straight

Saturday, after I spent 30 minutes wielding a curling iron, The Princess’s hair was back to straight/slight curl at the end by the time we reached the dance studio for her pictures. I admit, she looked absolutely adorable in her SEVENTY DOLLAR leotard, and I didn’t tart her up with too much makeup – some blush, a tad bit of mascara, and once I got to the studio, the required lipstick (which is Salsa Red by Mary Kay – which I can only describe as garish on a four-year-old – fine for, say, Gwen Stefani… on MY kid? It was a touch creepy).

Some of the moms went all out on the hair and makeup thing. There was a girl who was about three who had the bright red mouth painted on. Seriously… scary.

As we were waiting for The Princess’s class to get called in for their pictures, one of the moms said to me, “I hate this!”. Her daughter is in the same class, and she just seems to be one of the most genuine of the moms that are there. She said to me, “I’m NOT putting all that make up on her! I’m not putting EYELINER on her! Why are they making this to be about looks instead of about having fun?!”


We commiserated in whispers for a few moments (it was fairly clear we were in the minority on the whole tarting-up-of-the-daughters thing), and it was a relief to know that I am NOT the only one feeling drained dry by the recital crud. Which is good to know.

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  1. Oh I remember this. We had the same experience with Girl. Her studio even wanted fake eyelashes for the girls if they were in the 1st grade class or up. We didn’t give in to it either. It’s just not right. A tiny pink blush and lip gloss is plenty good for such little girls. Good for you.

  2. I totally agree with you. The dance studio just made ballet become slightly perverted in my opinion. How silly of them! One would think that after the whole deal with Jon Benet, they would have figured out that dressing children like tiny whores is beyond decent. It was gratifying to hear that there is at least one other rational mom with your opinion in that class. I wonder if there’s a “make-up/whore free” ballet school somewhere.

  3. The Princess has decided NOT to do dance next year – we’ll be in soccer and possibly gymnastics… Both relatively “whore-free” ; )

  4. Farm Wife says

    How horrible to have to search for “whore-free” activities for our children.

    I’m glad it’s nearly over & you can do something better/less perverse next year! I remember lip gloss & top knots when I was in ballet…but that was AGES ago.

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