You’re FIRED!

Tonight, Hubby and I channeled our inner Donald Trumps and called our contractor with the direction to “fire the drywallers”. I’m actually surprised that this is the first big glitch with our construction project – but, seeing as how we are about a week away from the original estimated completion date, and the drywallers have been short-timing this job for the past two and a half weeks, I’m starting to lose patience. And if I’m not happy, NOBODY’S happy.

Our contractor was feeling the same way we were – when the drywall dudes (duds?)first showed up on the job, the very first day, they ended up leaving for an hour almost immediately upon arriving because they “had forgotten a tool”. Hello? This is your JOB! That same day, they left early (though not before taking an extended lunch break) because one of the guys got “an emergency call”. Um, okay. In the few hours they were there, they didn’t even finish hanging the drywall in one room. The next day they showed up, they came downstairs asking me where a hardware store was because they were running low on screws. Again: Dudes, this is your JOB! How are you NOT prepared when you arrive on a job, when you don’t get there until it’s almost freakin’ NOON!?! Of course, both guys had to take the trip to the hardware store, and that ate up a nice chunk of the day – but don’t worry, they still got their lunch break…


After the first two days our contractor gave their boss some grief and the guys swore they would finish the job… On Monday. Showed up two hours late (“Had to quote another job” – never mind that they can’t handle the work they’ve got), and actually stayed past dark to finish hanging the drywall. It was another several days before another group showed up to start “mudding” — both guys apparently chainsmokers, who ended up making most of my house smell like an ashtray. No one showed up on Friday until the Boss showed up at five to swear he was going to work ALL WEEKEND on our house.

And he didn’t show. And he didn’t call our contractor (who had no idea he hadn’t showed to work on Friday, because he didn’t call him then either).

Meanwhile, my garage isn’t usable because it needs to get finished – which can’t happen until the drywall is done. My new laundry room and mudroom can’t be finished… until the drywall is done. Our upstairs addition (including our new bedroom suite) can’t progress further… until the drywall is done.

We had the nastiest weather I have seen in YEARS, and my van is parked in the driveway under several inches of snow because my garage is out of commission. And all the other junk from our garage? It’s in OUR HOUSE.

Yes. I’m losing patience. I’ve made it nearly four months… But my patience? It’s shot.

I can’t WAIT to get this house done.

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  1. sheesh… so sorry!

  2. I feel your pain. We added to our house last year and it is SUCH a pain. You’d think it just can’t be that hard to find reliable, good folks to do the job. But it really is. I hope they get their crap together for you soon. Or else you find someone who exceeds all expectations.

  3. Sounds like drywallers have a habit of being lazy and unreliable…..our kitchen still has an unfinished part where the drywaller never came back to sand it and repaint after we had a washer & dryer installed in our little suite. My hubby says the drywallers who subcontract with his company are about as useful (useless) as yours have been. So sorry you are dealing with this, but hope you get a beautiful and finished home soon! And of course, it would be all during tax season too……

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