Peaceful, Easy Feeling… And More Construction Crap

Thanks for your votes, ladies! I questioned a few more people and the odds were overwhelmingly for Summer Wish. And THEN, I followed Farm Wife’s suggestion, knowing that I’m a big chicken, and went a shade lighter… So, we have three gallons of Peaceful Calm sitting in our hallway, waiting for the builders to give us the go ahead to paint.

(By the way, our mudroom/entry way will be Behr Skysail Blue, our office will be Behr Grass Cloth… you know our bedroom color… NOW, what do we do for the adjoining master bath? More yellow, because – why not? Blue, because Hubby likes it? Green because it’s my favorite color and looks so snazzy next to yellow? The Master bath floor is going to be a white marble-y looking tile, the bathtub is white, the shower is white, the vanity is a light pine, and the sink is white… so… Colors?)

Today, I have about hit my limit and am on the verge of a meltdown. Not a Britney-freakout-shave-my-head meltdown, but a “If-I-See-One-More-Naked-Barbie-Doll-On-My-Floor-And-I-Trip-Over-One-More-Freakin’-Snowboot-I’m-Moving-to-Timbuktu” kinda meltdown. Or more likely just, you know, a mom in need of a Calgon moment. Hubby came home after I spent the day picking up after the girls (The Princess thought it would be great fun to grab the huge Rubbermaid tub full of clothes she’s outgrown, spew them all over her bedroom floor, and then use Pumpkin for a lifesize doll to dress up… whatta disaster area).

Hubby came home to this: “I’m so sick of construction! It’s been FOUR MONTHS! I’m sick of people walking through our house all day! I’m sick of having a layer of dust on everything! I’m tired of everything being all over the place! I’m tired of the mess! I just want it to be clean! I want it to be done! I want things to look nice! I want the playroom done so I don’t have Barbies and toys all over the place!”

Hubby just looked at me and sighed, “Thank god!”


“I was wondering if you’d been replaced by pod people! I can’t believe it took you FOUR MONTHS to get to this point.”

People, I’ve held it together pretty well till now, but man, I am LOSING IT.

So wish me luck, and may the construction gods be smiling upon me.

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  1. ewww….I am scared. We are starting playroom construction soon in our walk in attic. How long does it really take? I dont think I could handle the dust on everything but if there is any more plastic brought into my living room I may just go postal.

  2. You know, it hasnt’ been bad up until this point. Now it’s getting close to the end, and I’m antsy (it’s been just over FOUR months since we broke ground). The project was slated to take 4 months, and now that we’re over that (thank you, drywallers), I’m losing my mind. And when we get our new master bedroom suite, our room becomes a playroom – so I’m really looking forward to having a home for all the toys, and a door to close on them so I don’t have to look at the mess!!!). Construction sucks – but there’s a silver lining, right?!?

  3. Your dh is funny! I hope everything gets finished soon!

  4. Yep, it sounds like you need a little Peaceful Calm surrounding you!!!!

  5. OH, girly, hope it all settles soon…and how wonderful to have a self contained play room as opposed to the living room. Oh, I will dream…

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