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So so sad. I was watching American Idol tonight (like you weren’t?!), and this kid from Minnesota was auditioning. He said when he came home from getting his ticket to HOllywood, he came home and his mom actually hugged him. Said that she never hugged him, and he’s been trying so hard to impress her all these years. When he made it through the next round, he called her and she said, “I love you.” The kid was sobbing, looking at his cellphone and said: “She never says ‘I love you’.”

That is the kind of parent I DON’T want to be. I never want my kids to look surprised when I hug them, or I say that I love them, or call them some goofy, affectionate pet name. This boy seemed so desperate for his parents’ approval, and how gut-wrenching to see that look of shock to hear his mother say she loves him.

Sigh. I love my kids. Insanely. Truly. Completely. Even when they drive me bonkers (and they do sometimes, because… well, that’s what kids do), I love them and tell them so. Repeatedly. While hugging them.

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  1. I know, wasn’t that pittiful. I remember him from his first time thru and my heart just ached for him. I guess I just don’t understand how any parent can be that way with a child.

  2. I didn’t watch it. I usually don’t watch it until closer to the end, i at all.

    But one thing I have heard over and over and over again was ,”I love you and I’m glad you’re my daughter.” Mom always said she didn’t hear it often enough growing up, and she wanted to make sure we never had doubt.

    Hubby tried to sign “Daddy loves you” to Baby bear tonight. Like all kids, she pretended she didn’t understand.

  3. I saw that kid too…made you want to reach right into the TV screen and put your arms around him. So sad.


  4. Texas Biscuit says

    That was heartbreaking that his mom never told him she was proud of or lived him. Equally disturbing is that it took him progressing in a natl competition and making it on TV for her to say so. And really, what are the chances he’s going to do that again any time soon? Who knows when he’ll hear “I love you” again – can’t wait til that kid can move out on his own and start recognizing what a special person he is. Sigh.

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