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Because we watch “Signing Time” daily on PBS, The Princess and I are picking up a lot of American Sign Language, and enjoy using it (particularly handy when avoiding talking with food in your mouth). Pumpkin tries to mimic us at times, flapping her hands around – you can tell she’s trying to “sign” but she isn’t actually signing.

In the past few days, though, she has picked up a few signs, and can sign the words for: “milk”, “banana” and “more”. I’m thrilled and The Princess is just to the moon giddy about it. My girls are wicked smart!

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  1. We love Signing Time around here. Lots of times when I can’t get my two to behave, I’ll sing the song and change the words up to fit whatever it is I want them to do. Last night, it was “Sleeping Time”.

  2. I haven’t seen that yet…I’ll have to check my dish guide! How cool. I tried to teach #1 Son some signs, but he abandoned them and devised his own. His dad and I could understand them, but no one else could.

  3. I didn’t realize that comes on PBS! I’ll have to watch for it!!!!

  4. darn, i checked our pbs station’s schedule. they don’t carry it. i guess i’ll have to try to check it out at the library.

  5. We taught Prophet and D.K. several signs when they were small. Prophet’s speech teacher when he was under three said it was kind of a necessary evil with him… once we taught him, he could communicate better, but it took him awhile to want to use his words. He finally did, and now there are times he won’t shut-up for 2 seconds.

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