Already In Full Swing

(I need a ticker for how much of tax season remains!)

This morning, The Princess and Pumpkin were up at 5:50. Hubby had already left for work. It seems that when he arrived at 7:30 yesterday morning, he was the last one to get there. So, all about appearances, I guess, he left insanely early this morning (I have no idea when he left – too darn early, is my guess!). Here we are at January 4, already knee deep into tax season crud.

Anticipating mornings like today (I had no idea how soon!), I proposed Inkling’s Starbucks solution – that my consumption should increase at roughly the same percentage as his hours (By the way, Inkling – LOVE the way you think!). Since I typically get a grande cappuccino once a week, based on my tax season consumption laws (because by golly, it’s law now!), I should get a grande AND a tall.

But… with Hubby being gone 12+ hours each day, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have some three venti weeks.

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  1. I’m glad my suggestion helped out. Oh, and I give you my vote for as many 3 venti weeks as you like. =)

  2. my hubby opted not to go the cpa route after working as a bookkeeper for one during college. it was a great gig for a college student, though! we stop by and visit sometimes when we’re in town. it’s funny how the stiffest partners can melt in the presence of a baby!

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