Paging Suzy Homemaker…

I was up at 4:30 this morning to start the dough for my world-class caramel pecan sticky buns for Hubby to take to work. He’s still a newbie in the office, and the rest of the group is doing secret Santas this week. Of course, he’s so new, he doesn’t have anyone’s name – but someone has still been leaving treats for Hubby (obviously, they don’t know him well yet – they are food treats that he probably will end up giving away). It’s very sweet of them to do, so I wanted him to have something for them.

And I love baking.

This time of year, I really find I enjoy more than ever the smells of warm cinnamon wafting through my house. The warmth from the oven spreading through the house. Sugary smells and rolling dough.

This week, is definitely the huge kickoff to my baking season. Tomorrow, The Princess and I will be making about a hundred dozen cookies – both sugar and gingerbread – for the kids to decorate at our First Ever Holiday Cookie Decorating party on Friday. We have invited some of The Princess’s friends and we have got several decorating items (M&Ms, sprinkles, frosting, colored sugars). I found a nice style of goodie bag so each of the kids can take home their decorated treats (I get to bake AND we don’t have 3,000 cookies sitting around to eat when boredom strikes – Bonus!). Tomorrow, The Princess and I will be building a gingerbread house (okay – I totally cheated and bought the kit for this one), so that it can be decorated on Friday.

We’ll carry on the baking in the next week and a half until Christmas, finishing with the grand finale: monkey bread that we’ll make on Christmas eve to devour after opening presents on Christmas morning.

‘Tis the season….

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  1. Hey, I’m just trying to comment on everyone’s post to see if it’ll work. If this works I’ll be 5 for 5.

    You reminded me of a funny story with your sticky buns, I’m gonna post it later.

  2. sounds yummy! any chance you can share that recipe for monkey bread? i’ve been itching to step out of my pre-made booked goods comfort zone and learn to bake!

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