On the 9th Day of Christmas…

…my Hubby gave to me:

Nine peanuts in shells

A hilarious side note – first – peanuts is one of my favorite things to munch on. Great for protein and it’s “natural” (no high fructose corn syrup in ’em)… so getting peanuts was a cool treat. Funny thing is, Hubby ONLY got nine. When he’s done this in the past, he would buy a whole bag, set aside the number for the countdown, but we’d still have a huge bag of peanuts. Not this year. He really cracks me up – he went to the bulk food section at the store, put nine peanuts in the bag, and when he went to check out, the bag was so light, it didn’t even register on the scale. The cashier ended up giving him the peanuts for free – but only after Hubby explained to the cashier why he only wanted nine of them.

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  1. I am loving this tradition of yours. Your husband sounds so thoughtful, and I bet he gave that clerk some memories that day.

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