On the 4th and 3rd Days of Christmas…

…my Hubby gave to me:

Four Sharpie markers…

Three packs of gum…

I know the Sharpie thing is weird if you don’t know me… But I love Sharpie markers. I use them for work stuff a lot, as I’m often writing on glossy catalog pages that regular pen just doesn’t write on. I use my Sharpies for other things too – like this year, I didn’t buy a SINGLE tag for a gift. Just solid color wrapping paper, with the names neatly written with a Sharpie. Such a practical, joyful thing.

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  1. I’m with you on the sharpies, they are definitely a girls best friend. When we lived in AL, the kids’ ped. (a man) discovered the mini sharpies, so he bought them for his entire nursing staff and he carried one around to show all his patients, it was hilarious.

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