Don’t Pee on Her Leg and Tell Her It’s Raining

For some reason, there have been several swim diapers mixed in with Pumpkin’s regular diapers in our basket in the living room. Every time we tell her we’re going to change her diaper, Pumpkin toddles over to the diapers, and grabs the Winnie the Pooh swim pants. Hubby and I then use our amazing powers of distraction to toss the swim diaper out of sight, and put a regular diaper on Pumpkin.

Last night, Hubby must have finally given in. I know this because when I went to get Pumpkin’s bath ready, I went to undress her, and her little jeans were soaked straight through. The seat of her pants down to her socks were soaked straight through with pee… And, when I removed the jeans: the offending swim diaper.

I guess it’s a good thing these are mostly used in a pool – because they do not absorb pee. I guess in my mind I always knew that pee wasn’t what they were trying to keep out of the pool. Really. But. Jeez. Yuck.

On the bright side, we’ve now purged all the swim diapers from the diaper basket. So hopefully, this won’t happen again.

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  1. Been there and you’re right, they definitely don’t soak up anything, they simply contain!! (anything solid anyway)

  2. i’ve learned something new, that will come in handy during our vacation to gulf shores next summer!

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