As If My Runny Nose Wasn’t Bad Enough…

I’m getting sick. It would go figure, since Pumpkin has been oozing snot out of her nose for the past several days. My nose is running. Hers is running. The Princess’s nose is running. And now – my throat hurts. Pumpkin is starting to get a cough.

Oh, and she’s teething.

She has two teeth so close to pushing through on the top, and two on the bottom. She still only has four teeth, and she’s has been working on these other four for about… a month now? Two months?

Last night, I felt so miserable, I went to bed early (despite only having four pages left to read of a 400-page novel, if that gives you any indication how wiped out I was). Good thing I turned in early – because Pumpkin gave me wake up calls at 2:30, 4, and was up for good at 5. Now, as it just approaches 8 a.m., she’s back in bed snoozing. And me? Now I am too wrapped up in all the things that need to get done around the house before we head out for an appointment later on.

I am tuckered out. I am miserable. Starbucks will be consumed on our outing this morning. Maybe with an extra shot.

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  1. Oh, poor mom, that’s rough.

  2. so sorry! baby bear just got her 2nd tooth (at 14 months old). so between sharing a room with us and teething, we had a rough few nights this week, too.

    hope your colds get better soon!!!!

  3. Poor Sarah! Hope everyone’s on the mend soon!!! Teething and illness do not mix well!

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