You Don’t Want to Walk a Mile In My Shoes

Yesterday, Hubby went out to Meijer at the crack of dawn for Thanksgiving sales. He was able to get a jump on the holiday shopping, finding a couple neat things for the girls and Stepson, as well as snagging a great deal on athletic shoes. Hubby and I are both pretty active – though I don’t run unless someone is chasing me, I do a lot of walking, and go through several pairs of walking shoes each year. The pair I have been using is wearing through the soles, and I really needed a new pair. We saw the sale flyer – Buy one pair, get a second for a buck – and jumped at it. Armed with my shoe size and an inflated sense of confidence, Hubby set out for our shoes.

He came home with a pair of shoes I could barely squeeze my feet into. (But no fear, he also brought me a cappuccino from Starbucks, so it wasn’t a total loss).

Not wanting to miss out on the selection, I decided I would run out to the store myself, before the Thanksgiving festivities – return the pinchy shoes, get some new ones. I tried on several pair, and found a pair that was comfy in the store, and brought them home.

I wore them for a two mile walk yesterday (amazing, my burn has seemingly faded and I’m feelign pretty good all of the sudden). I felt a bit of discomfort, not altogether unusual for when I get new shoes. I always seem to have problems.

Today, I slapped a bandaid on my heel, and headed out for another walk. I came home, took off my shoe, and (gross) the back of my sock was drenched in blood. Whoops. So now, my shoe, note even 48 hours old, is sitting in the bathroom where I did my best to clean the blood off of it. Some people break in a shoe by sweating, or getting mud on them. Nope. Not me. Mine is apparently covered in DNA.

Hubby was horrified – and told me, “Hon, the shoes were a buck – just throw them away!” (They are New Balance shoes, though – so it’s not like they are really “cheap” shoes). I hate throwing away a pair of shoes that doesn’t even have ten miles on them yet, though.

But I just might.

Not like I can even donate blood-stained shoes to any charity. How disgusting would THAT be?

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