That’s so Trashy!

Pumpkin apparently has a new hobby. That hobby is to find anything laying around the house – and to throw it in the trash. This is a fairly recent development, and one that I didn’t really find out about until today. I was in the living room, and heard The Princess crying in the kitchen, “Now I’ll never be able to brush my hair again! Ever!”

Turns out, Pumpkin had thrown The Princess’s hairbrush in the trash. Luckily, as I had just taken the trash out this afternoon and put a new garbage bag in, I knew the trashcan was empty (save for a cracker box), so I took off the lid and fished in…

And I found the brush.

And a spoon.

And two bowls.

The girl’s been busy.

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  1. Yeah, you want to be careful about the little sanitation workers. Farmwife went through two or three of the old-style Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks because of her youngest. Her first one vanished, so her grandmother lent her another one. That too vanished. After tearing the house apart looking to no avail, they finally figured out that her youngest had trashed it. And they burn their trash.

    You can of course, send Pumpkin for a visit to Canada. Henry David would love her help decluttering our little space. I have an aversion to throwing things away (what if I need it someday?), so he would welcome someone who finds it entertaining. =)

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