1. Hard habit to break… It NEVER fails – If I’m watching “The Biggest Loser” on TV, I need to have a snack. I feel bad, these people chugging away on the treadmills and all, and I keep thinking, I could go for a chocolate milkshake about now.

2. How mad would other parents be if I told The Princess there was no Santa and she ruined it for them? Because seriously? I’m already hiding wrapping paper at my mom’s, so The Princess won’t see it (because she WOULD make the connection that Mommy and Santa use the same paper), I have to shush my mom when she talks about buying things for the stockings, and both my kids are petrified of every mall Santa they see anyway and won’t ask him for anything.

3. Along with the Santa thing… Um… I told The Princess that Santa’s elves don’t like whining. That whining hurts their pointy little elf ears – and if their ears get hurt, they may tell Santa on her. Is that wrong?

4. Hubby is about done with Fantasy Football. Statistically, he had the WORST record in their league. I will NOT miss Fantasy Football at all. Nope.

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  1. I was just talking to Ruby about this very thing this morning. My boys are 7 & 9 and they both still believe in Santa. I’m somewhat shocked that they haven’t found out yet, they may still during this holiday season. If they don’t this year, I’m sure next year they will. I wonder how long it will take for Bee to find out after her older brothers do. She’s three now and I’m hoping we get to continue the magic for many more years like her brothers have. I personally love the secretive stuff that comes with Christmas. It will break my heart when my boys are big enough that they “find out the truth”, because that’s just another part of their already quickly disappearing childhood that will be gone for good and can never be gotten back. That day will be very hard on me, I know I’ll cry over the “loss” of that period of their lives.

    About the “little white lie”….
    lie on, my sister, lie on. As horrible as it may sound, thats one of the things Christmas is about. Fantasy, secrets, and little white lies that are at some point in our lives revealed. And it it gets her to quit whining… go for it.

  2. You’re so funny! We use the Santa gig to help coach our boys in the right direction too 🙂 Erk even told Jack last nite that Santa called him yesterday!

  3. I never really believed in Santa. Maybe I missed out on something. My kids don’t really believe either, but we still put on a good show. Going to see Santa to let him know what we want. Presents not under the tree until after bedtime on X-Mas eve. Baby Girl says, “I know he’s not real, but I can still pretend right mom?” I’m all for it.

    By biggest concern is that she’ll inform her entire Kindergarten that he’s not real. I explained to her that it isn’t her job to tell anyone and she seems to like knowing something no one else knows.

    My uncle tells small children at Wal-Mart that he is Santa to make them behave in the store. It works.

  4. FW – I’m jealous – I so wish we went that path with The Princess. Now she is a firm believer. Sigh. It is fun – some of that Christmas magic – but I’m always so afraid that I’m going to slip up and just blow it. I’m a horrible liar. I guess that factors in to why it bugs me!!

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