On The Mend

After several days of Blogger being cranky and not wanting to work, I have had a nice chunk of time to start recovering from the Cocoa Incident (Otherwise known as When Sarah Became a Butterfingers and decided to drop a Boiling Hot Beverage in her lap resulting in second degree burns and an inability to wear cute pants). It has now been one week and one day since the Cocoa Incident, and I am happy to report that I am, according to my doctor (who I’ve seen THREE times in the past week) healing as I should and that everything looks the way it should. Fantastic.

I’m still quite bandaged, and am able to change the dressing on my leg once daily. The bandages make it extremely difficult to wear regular pants and I have been wearing sweats and workout pants for the past week (which is evident in this week’s laundry: no jeans needing to be washed). I’m sick of feeling like a slob, but – such is life.

In other “mending” news – within two weeks of being laid off, Hubby had about five interviews, and so far, TWO job offers. He has accepted an offer, but is still interviewing until he starts that job – so as not to shut any doors. He admits, it’s a nice feeling to have a “choice” of where to work, and I think that has been a pleasant ego boost for him. The job he has accepted is different from what he’s done in the past, and though it’s not as high level or as intense as a CPA firm during tax season, it’s also not as time intensive either. The woman who interviewed him said they almost never work 40 hours – usually it’s less – and she also talked up flex scheduling. Hubby could potentially work a four day week, which would help me tremendously.

All good stuff.

Though, I have to say, I think he really got the job because SOMEHOW during the interview, my wicked baking talents came up. I wouldn’t have known this, except when Hubby called to accept the position, his new boss said, “Have your wife bake some cookies!” (This makes sense knowing that his new boss is pretty pregnant right now!).

So, like I said, good stuff.

Recovering from Michigan’s loss on Saturday. Ay. Certainly not how I wanted to see that game go – but it was a good game nonetheless. From what I saw of it anyway. Hubby had two of our neighbors over – both of whom brought their kids. I felt like it was Romper Room in my house and I was Miss Sarah (“I see Lea, and Austin, and….”). I didn’t get to see nearly as much of the game as I wanted – but – I saw enough.

Though last week was tremendously crappy, things are definitely improving and I am reminded of how blessed my life is.

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