Her Heart is Gonna Be Broken

Yesterday, The Princess and I went to the body shop to take in our van for its repair from its hammer injury. The body shop gave us a loaner: a 2006 Pontiac Trans Sport minivan… with doors that open at the push of a button, and a DVD entertainment system.


The novelty of such toys was not lost on my Princess. She ended up opening and closing her door four times, just to push the button. We also took a trip after dinner to go Christmas shopping, just so the girls could watch a movie in the car.

The Princess was most definitely in heaven as she watched The Polar Express to and from the mall. She even took a movie to watch on her way to school.


The body shop just called and our van is done. Hubby is on his way to take the loaner back and get our “boring car”. The Princess is going to be so bummed when I pick her up from school in a van that she has to open and close the doors herself (using her hands!), and having to look out the window rather than staring comatose at a tv screen. Thank goodness I have several hours before I have to break her heart.

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  1. I have to laugh!! During carpool after school last year, most of the vans in our very affluent suburb of Birmingham,AL had automatic doors. The teachers that did carpool always forgot that my doors didn’t shut on their own and would just stand there and look at me until I said something. (we weren’t allowed to get out of the car) After we had our wreck last summer we had to get a new van. It has a door on each side, but still has to use manpower to open and close, but it does have a dvd system in it. We try to only use it on trips and for Bee in the carpool line while we wait. I’d rather they not ride around town in a semi-comatose state all the time!!

  2. When I was traipsing around in my loaner this summer I was thrilled with the dual power doors…now I have one door and it’s heavy…but at least my van runs…and no DVD…but a girl can dream.

  3. Hey, can I put a link to your blog on mine?

  4. Grace – you may!

  5. cool-thanks!!

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