Wishful Wednesday

That’s what it says on The Princess’s Wednesday day-of-the-week undies: Wishful Wednesday.

Today, I wish I didn’t have seven loads of laundry to do. I’ve finally made a routine of my laundry, though – and stopped washing things whenever they pile up. Wednesday is my marathon laundry day. Today – there were SEVEN loads. Usually there is only six, but since Stepson was here for a week, I had all of his clothes to launder on top of the usual.

I wish someone else was making dinner tonight. I am so over cooking right now. Pumpkin was up at five a.m. and it was all I could do to heat a can of soup for lunch. So, tonight, we’re having waffles and hash browns and fruit. Because it’s easy. (Oh, and I wish Pumpkin would quit waking up at five in the morning!).

I wish I could’ve snuck more than 20 minutes of a nap in while Pumpkin slept this afternoon. It’s this nagging guilt thing – hard to sit still when there is a load of laundry needing to go into the dryer and there is a layer of Cheerios three inches deep on the kitchen floor. Sometimes, I really wish that I didn’t feel so darn guilty or concerned with “productivity”. I’m not expecting dinner guests, and The Princess and Hubby don’t seem to care if the counter is sticky (if they did, one of THEM would clean it!).

I wish so many of my colleagues weren’t losing their jobs. A friend of mine just had a baby and will return to work on the 30th… for four more weeks until the layoff takes effect. I did find out that my job is safe and that the letter I received was one massive “whoops” – but I know that my friend will be struggling – and that stinks.

But you know, for all my complaining, things aren’t so bad today. I’m tired, and it’s raining, and my sinuses feel like maybe a porcupine quill is stabbing them repeatedly – but hey, today, my problems aren’t so big. And I wish I could be content with my glass half-full, rather than looking at it half-empty.

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