PreSchool Musical?

I love watching musicals. Could watch “Grease” a bazillion times (and not just for the John Travolta factor). The one thing that has always struck me as odd about musicals is how people will be carrying on a conversation, and then break into song for no apparent reason. Stuff like that never happens in real life. Or does it?

Tuesday, I took the girls to Target and as The Princess was a well-behaved little princess, I let her pick a toy from the Dollar Spot. She picked a pom-pom looking magic wand with sparkly streamers. She broke it in the car on the way home.

Later, as I was helping to twirl the streamers back around the stick to restore its magic and luster, The Princess, like any good musical star, broke into song:

My toy is broken already
It only cost a dollar
It was made out of plastic and paper
Oh, I should have picked something made of metal
Ohhhhhhhh, I should.
Made of metaaaaaaaaaaal!

Spoken (sung?) like a true Drama Queen.

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  1. That is too funny! Might she have a career on the stage?

  2. I love it! Kids are so full of surprises.

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