My Little Entrepreneur

Saddled with a sick little Pumpkin (who with a temperature hovering at or near 102 for most of the day was super clingy and demanding to be held when she wasn’t napping), I pulled out the box of art supplies for The Princess early in the day to keep her occupied. She decorated numerous dixie cups with glue, glitter and in some cases, stickers.

This evening, after Hubby got home, she decided that she wanted to go door to door and sell the cups. She went to the house two doors down, and though Hubby suggested a penny might be a reasonable price, our neighbor decided that that simply wasn’t enough for our little Picasso’s work, and bought two cups at a quarter a piece!

She came home to show off her earnings and said to me, “Now I have to go make some more cups!”

This is going to get REAL old, REAL fast in our neighborhood!

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  1. I’d buy that for a quarter! How fabulous…hey, she may pay for her own college this way.

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