Animal School – Read it and weep!

Animal School – Raising Small Souls

One of my dear friends sent this to me via email yesterday, and though I typically am not one of those people who adores forwarded email, C tends to only send me thought-provoking messages – or messages so funny I laugh out loud.

This presentation, is one that makes you think, particularly if you have kids in school. I thought it was very well done. I might even go so far as to say that we may very well print it out, and send it to Stepson’s teachers (because he’s definitely a Kangaroo-slash-Eagle — and if you want to know what that means, you’ll have to watch this presentation).

It’s funny, not so much in a ha-ha way, but in an ironic sense, that even in the days of “No Child Left Behind”, kids are getting left behind anyway. When kids are born, they aren’t being pressed out with cookie cutters – they are all different. What works for one, might not necessarily work for the other, and parents and educators need to stop and take the time to remember that. It’s hard, I know. But, as you’ll read on the Raising Small Souls website:

“Your child is a unique blend of talents, personality, and ingredients nowhere else to be found . . . Each and every child is as unique as their fingerprints; a sparkling diamond of unparalled beauty.”

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  1. Sarah, wow, I just now finally had the time to watch the video. Oh my goodness, my heart is too full to even write. I did my fair share of living a Zebra life and a few other animals…..maybe the reason I strove to be such a “d***-good-teacher” so that my students wouldn’t feel the same way.

    And just so you know, Best Friend watched the video and then promptly forwarded it to every teacher and school counselor she knows. Apparently one of them is looking into how it could be shared in a faculty meeting.

    Thanks for posting this. We needed it.

  2. Inkling – I’m glad you enjoyed it… It moved me, and I had to share.

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