Agua Va…

My high school Spanish teacher used to tell us this story about how in Spain, way back when, back before indoor plumbing, people would go to the bathroom in chamber pots, and when they’d go to empty them, by tossing the pee out the window, they’d shout out, “Agua va!” (Which translates into “the water is coming” or some such).

This evening, when getting Pumpkin ready for her bath (she was covered with couscous from head to foot), I took off her diaper, and for the first time in her 13 months, she peed on the floor. I’ve been pretty lucky so far – I remember getting christened by The Princess fairly early on in the parenting game. The Princess had peed on me (and worse!) several times before she was a handful of months old. Either my reflexes have sharpened with age and experience, or Pumpkin’s got a better hold on her bladder, I don’t know – but we’ve managed to NOT have a urine mess.

Until today.

Today, as I took off the diaper, the pee started flowing as soon as the air hit her. And man – agua va. I thought, “Okay, she’ll trickle a bit and be done with it.” I was wrong. I ended up having to create a makeshift diaper out of a towel to catch the fountain (as she had tossed her diaper out of reach when I undid the tapes).

Now there’s one for her scrapbook.

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