Rain in the Forecast?

Is it wrong of me to be hoping that it rains this afternoon, starting around, oh, say 5 p.m. and stopping at about 7? (FYI – You’re supposed to tell me, “No Sarah, it’s not wrong, but please, oh please, tell us why you’re doing the rain dance?”).


Well, since you asked, I’m rain dancing because Hubby signed up for a softball league. A neighbor of ours asked him to join, and Hubby apparently enthusiastically said he was interested – without telling me. Then, said neighbor called Hubby, to tell him there was indeed a spot open on the team. Hubby wasn’t home, but I was, which is how it came to be that the neighbor totally busted Hubby, and I found out.

I’m not opposed to the softball team thing – actually, I think it’s a great idea – Hubby always complains that he hardly exercises, and he’s more motivated by having a workout partner or a team depending on him, so this is probably ideal. BUT, Hubby also said that games would be on Thursday nights, and as you can tell – It’s not Thursday. It’s Sunday. Hubby sprang it on me yesterday (after my gruesome day) that they would have practice tonight at 6, which means that after Hubby gets out of work, comes home to change his clothes, throws down some grub (all without sitting down at the table with me and the girls, no doubt), he’ll be dashing right out the door to hit some softballs.

(Is that thunder I hear? No. Just a neighbor’s motorcycle – crap!).

There are days that I can totally groove on my motherhood thing – get housework done, get a decent meal on the table, not rip my hair out. This weekend, I’m short on patience, I’m short on sleep, and The Princess has decided that I am just too boring. Pumpkin has decided that after not getting ANY teeth for her first year of life, she would just get them all at once. Between me and the kids, I’m not sure who has been whining the loudest. It’s been hard, so needless to say, I’m not super-dee-duper happy about softball practice.

Rain rain rain rain rain.

It would help if I had a hobby that would get me out of the house at least one night per week. But I have no idea what I would even want to do – I tend to be more interested in solitary pursuits – curling up with a good book makes me happy, but I have no interest in being in a book club with my book choices somewhat dictated for me. I enjoy exercising and a great workout – but I don’t necessarily want company. I love wandering the malls, or trolling Barnes and Noble – but I don’t want to spend a boatload of money (not to mention, I live in the middle of nowhere, so there’s nothing just “right around the corner” – every place I could go would be at least 20 minutes of driving).

(Suggestions anyone? How to get Sarah out of the house?)

The sky is clouding over and so I’ve got my fingers crossed for enough rain to flood the ball field.

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  1. Did the rain dance work ?


  2. Nope. No rain, the sun came out… it was a gorgeous evening. Go figure!

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