Milestones We’ve Reached Lately…

Everyone has heard of the major milestones babies and children reach – sitting up, eating solid foods, sleeping through the night, on to writing one’s name, getting dressed by herself, and so on.

Here’s a few that we’ve hit this week:

Armpit Fart Noises
Yes, though this is a milestone I would have happily done with out, The Princess’s buddy Lo-Lo (aka Lauren, daughter of Taffy) taught her how to the armpit fart. Fannnnnnnnntastic.

Baby’s Got a New Pair of Shoes
Okay, so she’s NOT walking yet. However, we went to a park on Tuesday and I realized that Pumpkin could easily get splinters or hurt her feet on pebbles cruising around barefoot, so The Princess and I picked an adorable pair of soft-bottom, bootie-type slip on shoes from Target today. They are pink and white and kind of weird looking, but they’ll prevent splinters and feet boo-boos, which was the point.

Pumpkin Wants Only Daddy?
This happened at about 3:55 this morning, and to be honest, I have no freakin’ idea what happened to cause this. Pumpkin woke up screaming (probably teething or a nightmare), and when I went in to her room, she screamed louder and harder… I picked her up and took her downstairs so the rest of the family could sleep. And she kept screaming. I got her some milk. Didn’t work. Changed her diaper. Didn’t work. I sang her a song. Didn’t work. I turned on the TV so she could watch the clip of George Bush trying to walk into a closet on Bravo’s Viral Videos. Didn’t work. She didn’t stop until Hubby finally came downstairs, and held her and sang “Pig on Her Head” by Laurie Berkner. He had her back to sleep within minutes. Showoff.

Bottles Be Gone
No more bottles. Whoohoo! Sippy cups only! Whoohoo! Bottles in a bag in the garage! Yay!

Head Over Heels
The Princess all of the sudden can do a pretty nifty cartwheel. Yeah, so they won’t be asking her to join the Olympic Gymnastic team any time soon, but – it was pretty impressive.

Stick People
When she’s been drawing lately, The Princess’s pictures actually look like something. She drew me a picture last night and you could TELL what it was (so no more of the: “So why don’t you tell me about your picture…” charade).

A Two-Syllable Word
Proving that she’s not walking because she’s such a chatterbox, Pumpkin has added several new words to her vocabulary this week – including, I kid you not: backpack. True, it sounded more like “backback”, it was still lovely and adorable. Most of her vocabulary is words that start with ‘b’, such as: ball, book, bath, block, belt (that was a new one today!) . She also says something that sounds like “cup”, mama, “up up”, “bye” and a handful of others. Guess some kids are walkers and some are talkers.

What an amazing period of change in our house…

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  1. Mamacita Tina says

    Those are great milestones! Although when my son prefers to stay with grandma rather than come home with me, it makes me a little sad.

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