Happy Birthday, Pumpkin…

Dear Pumpkin,

As I write this, you are taking your morning nap, no doubt overwhelmed from the start of your birthday: opening presents and playing with all your new loot with your sister (who seems to like playing with your blocks more than you do!). At this time a year ago, I was introducing you to your sister – you were so brand new to us, and now, a year later, we can’t remember life without you. Your sister adores you infinitely (even though she tends to get annoyed if you get into her things), and mommy and daddy do too!

We figured by the time you turned one, you would have some teeth – but you still have a gummy smile. We can see that the bottom front two teeth are working their way up (but mommy has been saying that for months, so what do I know?!). It will be odd to see you with teeth soon, because we’re so used to the gums!

You are a little snuggly bug – loving to cuddle up with me, or Daddy, or The Princess. You particularly like to give kisses. You gave me a series of kisses so slobbery yesterday that I had to wipe my face with a towel when you were done! I laughed so hard, and that in turn made you laugh as well. When you laugh, it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

Right now, you are only allowed to have a pacifier in your crib. When The Princess turned one, I got rid of all her paci’s but I know that that is going to be harder for you. These days, when I come in to your room after a nap, I ask you to, “Give mommy your paci, please” and you do, putting it in my open palm before I’ll take you out of your crib. This morning, for kicks, I tried to put you down for your nap without it, and you cried and fussed until I gave it to you. I know I’m going to have to get stronger about that!

You are cruising on the furniture and like to push your sister’s toy shopping cart around the living room. I anticipate you’ll be taking some independent steps soon, and I can’t wait to see the look of joy on your face when you realize you’re mobile and you can get anywhere you want! You love to catch one of us forgetting to shut the baby gate to the upstairs – you have gotten halfway up the stairs before we’ve been able to catch you! What a little speed demon.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I remember your birth so vividly. I can’t even begin to describe how joyful I am to have both you and your sister as my daughters. How on earth did I get so lucky?

I love you with my whole heart, and I’m very lucky to be your mom.

Love you, Birthday Girl,


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  1. Anonymous says

    Happy 1st Birthday to your Pumpkin ! She’s gorgeous !

    I hope she enjoyed her special day.


  2. Farm Wife says

    How precious! Hope it was a fab birthday!

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