Five Months Minus a Day

Yesterday, when the oven repair guy was here (on top of all the chaos – the ignition on our oven stopped functioning – blah! I’ve got a baby with a birthday tomorrow and a cake to bake!) he said, “Oh look – it’s July 25 – five more months ’til Christmas.”


Doesn’t that make it sound like it’s so close? Of course, Hubby and I were talking about it later and decided we’re going to start making our list of who we need to shop for and what to get and quite possibly… gasp… get started on shopping.

I am one of those people who tends to get carried away giving gifts to family. Particularly my kids. Budget-wise, it actually behooves us to start our shopping in (gasp) July/August, because it doesn’t feel quite as gruesome on the wallet as it does when we do the last-minute-week-before-Christmas-binge-shopping-trip. But – I’m not ready yet.

And five months til Christmas means that it’s less than five months before the weather turns to crap and we’re cooped up inside. Again. For another long, cold Michigan winter.

Gee thanks, Mr. Repair Guy. (You know, if he hadn’t mentioned it, I’d have never thought of it).

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