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Today is Hubby’s and my nine year anniversary. Not nine years married yet (it’ll be six years of marriage come August), but nine years to the day when we ran into each other at a friend’s 21st birthday party (she turned the big 3-0 yesterday! Happy Birthday, M!).

The funny thing about me and Hubs is that we had dated in high school. For like, two weeks (the typical span of a high school relationship, no?). Originally, we met by a mutual friend’s locker (!), and then we started dating, which back in the day (pre-drivers license) consisted of watching movies at his house and several marathon phone calls. Anyway, we had one of those dramatic high school breakups (aren’t they all?) and didn’t speak again for a year or so. We finally patched up the rift and became friends as he graduated high school, and before he left for the Army.

We were such good friends that we were penpals while he was stationed in Cuba and I was even a guest at his first wedding (a marriage I knew would never last)!

Nine years ago, though, we ran into each other, and hit it off, and have been together ever since. It’s certainly been interesting – not always easy, that’s for sure. We’ve had struggles along the way – to be expected with an ex-wife and a kid in the picture from the get-go, but, each hurdle that has come our way, we’ve made the leap and we’ve cleared it, and we’ve done it together.

Though I may gripe and moan about Hubby, he’s a great guy. He’s a catch, that’s for sure! He’s a considerate caring Hubby, and he rocks as a dad (evidenced by the fact that The Princess likes him better – and Pumpkin will too, eventually, I’m sure!). Hard to believe that nine years has gone by since that night we saw each other at M’s party (he spilled his drink in my shoe, if you want to know what started that conversation!).

So – smoochies to you, Hubby. Happy Nine Years.

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