So… Tell Me This…

If you’ll take a gander at the below picture (one of TWENTY that The Princess just took with my digital camera!), and tell me how on earth I am supposed to sell my house, when my kid’s room always looks like this?!?!?** Suggestions would be much appreciated!

**Okay, so it doesn’t always look like this… but… it’s not uncommon. She’s four. She just had a birthday. She has more stuff than we know what to do with – HELP!

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  1. You may laugh at me for what I’m about to say… Keep the rest of the house up the best you can. And keep the “bones” of her room ok. Like dusted, nothing torn off walls etc. When you get the call you need to show the house get a giant black really tough trash bag. Load it up with everything on the floor/dresser/bed and put it in the car. Then just make the bed and close the closet door.

    People usually understand that a kids’ room is just that and aren’t too hard on you for it.

  2. Emily, that’s a great idea!

  3. Farm Wife says

    Or you could always lock the door and tell them you’re not sure what’s in that room, it was locked when you moved in and you’ve never been able to get it open…

  4. Mamacita Tina says

    Too funny, I love both emily and farm wife’s ideas!

    Maybe you could organize her toys into clear storage boxes. She can play with the contents in a box, when she gets bored with it, put everything back into it and then get a different one.

  5. All fantastic ideas! We went to look at a house yesterday and they had two kids (it was pretty obvious from the set up) – and they basically did the shove everything into the corner of the room thing — the kids had a playroom and it was STUFFED to the gills with toys! And today, we looked at a house where the walls were scuffed from about knee height on downward – from the gazillion kids who live there now! So, I’m feeling a LITTLE more relaxed about it, knowing that other people with kids aren’t having these toy-free zones. But, we’ll probably have the big trash bag on hand, that’s for sure (and maybe 3 or 4 trashbags!!!).

  6. You know, kiving your life normal, seems more honest… Now, NOT that the ideas weren’t great(they were) but I think it puts people(with kids)at ease to see your home lived in and loved.

    Filth or disrepair is one thing. THat pic is alllllllllll love. lol

  7. uhh, that was supposed to be *living*… I’m exhausted from the ill kiddo.

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