Smelling the Barn…

I am currently experiencing downtime. For the first time in several weeks, I am sitting here without the urgent feeling of having to get something done, ASAP, NOW, PRONTO, RIGHTTHISMINUTEIMEANIT. It’s kinda lovely.

I’m bone tired and wondering why I ever thought I had a good deal working from home. This is my exhaustion speaking, I’m sure, as it usually is a good deal: Time with my girls, a paycheck coming in, my brain not turning to total goo. However, I’ve been so buried in a project the past several weeks, my every spare minute has been full (thus making the term “spare minute” pointless – spare minutes? I didn’t have any of those!).


Next week, I’m on vacation!

Am I going anywhere? No. Anything special planned? Not really. But – I won’t have to deal with databases or cross-referencing images to a catalog (talk about tedious), or doing any other gunk that doesn’t involve changing a diaper with one hand and flipping the pages of a magazine with the other.


Granted, I know my mentality – I will do work. These vacation days that I’m using? They are from 2005, people. Yes, these are vacation days from LAST YEAR that I’ve still not used. And after I use my vacation days next week? I’ll still have three from 2005 left. It’s nearly JULY and I haven’t started on this year’s vacation days yet!

Working from home, the office is never far enough away… but the dress code and the commute make up for it, I guess.

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