Not So Hot

One of the grossest things about summer is the sheer number of people who are wearing less clothes than they should be. Yeah, I know it’s hot outside – but many people really need to wear more clothes, not less.

I’m not trying to be nasty about it (okay, I probably am), but I see my belly every day, I don’t want to see everyone else’s. And men? Just because you can take your shirt off in public, doesn’t mean you should.

Case in point – we have a new mailman who delivers our mail lately. We live in a rural-ish area, where the postal person drives from one mailbox to another. The new guy? He doesn’t wear his shirt. The days he does, he wears icky skimpy tank tops. From in my house with the doors and windows shut (’cause you know I’ve got the AC on), I can almost smell his B.O. seeping all over my magazines and junk mail. Not good.

This morning, at the park, there was a father there with his kids. First of all, much credit to the dad (or maybe it was a “manny”) taking his kids to the park, but you know what? Put your shirt back on Mr. Dad, because the view? Not so great. Yes, so he was the only male in the park old enough to vote, but lack of other scenery doesn’t mean us moms were enjoying the view. Put the shirt back on and help your kid on the slide.


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  1. HA! You crack me up – that dude was outta control with his shirt off this morning! And your mailman, ummm NASTY!!!

  2. ick, ick ICK!

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