My Water Babies

Today, with an expected high temperature outside of 92 degrees, Hubby and I took the kids to my mom’s house to swim in the pool. The Princess loves the swimming pool, and though she hasn’t had “official lessons” (she asked today if we could start taking her to swim class like her buddy Syd), she really gained comfort in the water since my mom got the pool. Pumpkin had never been in the pool, so we were geeked to put her in the water for the first time.

We started slow – dunking her feet in. Though it was super hot outside, the water in the pool was kinda chilly – it about made me jump out of my skin when I got in the pool (my mom splashing me from head to toe didn’t help – I prefer to ease into these things, y’know?). I thought Pumpkin would prefer that approach as well.

Mom’s husband had blown up the little baby cozy coupe swimming car floaty thingamabobber, and when we put her in, I could tell Pumpkin was sort of digging that. It had a horn after all – and she loves noise – especially the squeaky kind of noise. It didn’t take long for her to get fussy and whiny and gesture and point towards the deck – a.k.a. OUT of the pool.

While Hubby hung around outside with The Princess, who was gleefully dog-paddling and splashing around, I took Pumpkin inside to dry her off and take off her 300 pound Pamper (I haven’t gotten her the swim diapers yet – I thought I had some left from when The Princess was younger). Pumpkin took off crawling towards the bathroom, babbling, “Ba? Ba?” When we got into the bathroom, she pulled herself up to stand at the bathtub, “Ba! Ba!” She wanted a bath.

I ran her a bath, put her in the tub and let her crawl and splash around. At this point, that appears to be the kind of swimming she prefers.

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