How Exciting for the North Carolina Economy…

…and not so great for Michigan.

I received word today (from several co-workers) that it’s official: The company’s president says they will be closing our offices starting in October, in various phases, and will complete closing of our office in 2007 or 2008. Granted, I haven’t actually worked in the office since July 26 (the day before Pumpkin was born) and have been working in my jammies from home since, this is still “my office”, and I’m a bit saddened by this news. But not surprised.

In fact, the news has hit me oddly because, well… I don’t work in the office. So, if an office where I don’t work closes, does that mean I am out of a job as well?

No one seems to be able to tell me.

My former boss (I don’t seem to have a boss right now, actually) says she will continue to go to bat for me – that the company can move to China and I should still be fine working from home. My colleagues in our sister company in Oregon that I’ve been working with for the bulk of my hours assure me that they will write letters on my behalf if they have to – making it known that I am (and I quote) “an integral part” of a massive website related project these days. Former boss also tells me that we have another muckety-muck who thinks very highly of me and the work I do.

Fine and dandy.

But what does it mean?

To be honest, I don’t know. And on another note – I’m not sure how I feel about it all. Yeah, I’ve never been fired or “let go” or “laid off”. I feel in my heart that I will stay on board until they give me the heave-ho (all the better to get my unemployment, my dear). I like what I’m doing now – working plus being home with my girls.

The local news story says that my company has agencies working to help people find jobs. Um, that’s a service no one has offered me. Not sure if that means I don’t need it or if it means they have forgotten me (the latter is most likely).

So, today 80 people go home from work knowing that their days are numbered. A friend of mine found out and she tells me she called her husband and cried. After finding out, I took my girls to the park for a playgroup and a picnic lunch – what does that say about my work ethic?

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  1. It says you know your priorities. You can have a great work ethic and still be a great mom.

  2. Found out today that of 80 people who will ultimately be losing their jobs, for now, I am safe. I will not be affected (at this time) by this closure, and I can’t believe how I keep escaping getting laid off from this place. Truly feeling like a cat with 9 lives…

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