Golly, Whatta Day

It did not escape my notice that yesterday was 6/6/06, and I had a tremendously “hellish” start to my day. Hubby had gone golfing Monday evening, so I hadn’t gotten to run out and pick up a few things at the store, because I was holding down the fort with the girls and it was nearly bedtime when he’d left. I thought I would have plenty of time yesterday a.m. before meeting E at the park with my kids and hers for a gathering.

Well, I had time, but barely.

As I was hustling around the house to get ready, I realize the batteries in my digital camera were dead. No problem, I had just purchased several new packs of AA batteries when they were on sale at Target a few weeks back. Problem? I couldn’t find them. Hubby has been packing the “clutter” up and putting it “away” to prepare for selling our house. All fine and dandy, except – it’s not clutter! In addition to the batteries, he has misplaced a full bottle of infant ibuprofen (which we have NEEDED!) and a brand new box of bandaids! These are not occasional items – these are staples in the home!

Okay, I figure, I’m gonna roll with the punches – I’ll just get a pack of batteries when I go to the store… I cram my gear in the diaper bag and go outside and remember, “Oh yeah, Hubby has my van today.” He had to take my van to the dealership, so I had his car – a fine car, but certainly not a car made for a car seat AND a booster seat… I go to put Pumpkin in her seat, and realize the darn thing was wobbling all over. At that point, I was freaking out – how can I drive my kids in something I don’t feel is safe. After about ten minutes of tinkering, I realize it was put in incorrectly. This prompted my call to Hubby that went a little something like, “Hey Britney Spears! Learn to put the freakin’ car seat in right!” (Ahem. I was a bit peeved at that point, if you can’t tell).

Got the carseat installed – by this point, I was sweating. I went to put the stroller in the trunk, but…

The trunk was full!

Hubby had helped my brother clean out his apartment and had volunteered to take a trunk load of my brother’s old stuff to Goodwill. Of course, two weeks later, he hasn’t done it. I couldn’t even fit an umbrella stroller in the trunk. Frustrated, I gave up.

Got both girls safely buckled in, and called E to let her know that me, the chronically over-punctual person was gonna be LATE! Decided that while at the store, I’d grab a cappuccino (you have to agree, I had earned it, right?), batteries, a bottle of juice for The Princess, and a birthday card for E (who is the big 2-9 today! Whaaaaaaaaahoooooooooo!).

We arrived at the park only about 10 minutes late, and proceeded to watch The Princess and E’s cutie-patootie boys play for awhile. It was wonderful to get fresh air and actually talk to a grown up. I felt world’s calmer by the time I left – I most certainly needed that.

The afternoon at home was calmer, and The Princess and I regrouped by downloading Laurie Berkner’s “Buzz Buzz” cd and dancing to “Pig on Her Head” all afternoon (If you have kids and haven’t heard anything by Laurie Berkner, I do recommend her – funny lyrics that are so catchy and not too obnoxious!).

It’s another day and much calmer… I may be just a tad superstitious about why yesterday started so rough, but some days just are rough.

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  1. Farm Wife says

    Susie’s got a cow on her head, Susie’s got a cow on her head!

    I adore Laurie! And she’s always so cute with her curls…

    Moving? I’ve been out of the loop…where to? Local or Long distance?

  2. Local… the farthest we’re lookin’ is maybe 15 miles north of here. Because of Stepson living near here w/ his mom, we can’t go TOO far. We have an appt to look at a house this afternoon, about 5-10 minutes from here (and about 1 mile from STARBUCKS!).

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