Clunk! Bang! Boom!

Now that Pumpkin has discovered her affinity for pulling herself up on furniture and cruising around, she’s also discovering that tricky little gravity thing – yeah, what goes up, must come down. On several occasions, that’s involved the not-so-pleasant, head-meeting-wall phenomena which results in a goose-egg on the noggin and screams that can be heard a block away.


I’d forgotten that part.

This morning, Pumpkin was crawling after The Princess who was heading into the bathroom. The Princess was trying to shut the sliding bathroom door (This sliding bathroom door is an annoyance on its own – probably intended to save space, or be some cute little thing into the master bedroom, it’s just kind of obnoxious). Of course, being four, instead of simply shutting the door, she paused, “Moooooooooooooom! She’s following me, she’s trying to get in the bathroom! Get her, get her, get her!” Now, you and I both know that in the time she spent yelling, she could have shut the door, peed, and gone about her life without any impact to her little sister. Except…

In the midst of yelling, Pumpkin caught up to her, and pulled herself up on the slider door, and when The Princess finally shut the door, Pumpkin went careening (head first, of course), into the wall.

Baby-proofing now has to extend another foot higher. The shelves where we had started stashing everything to keep them out of reach are now too low, and we’re going to have to move everything upwards once more. We’re constantly trying to stay a step ahead of her, trying to keep her from putting odd snips from the ground in her mouth (and where does all that come from anyway? How many times daily do I need to vacuum to keep the floor “snip-free”?!).

I get plenty of cardio daily chasing after this kid – and she’s not even one yet!

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