At Least They’re Taking Turns

Pumpkin seems to be on the mend – having kept everything down for 24+ hours. She actually had a bottle of something other than PediaLyte this morning, and even a bit of rice cereal. I went to put her down for her morning nap and heard crying and yelling from downstairs. I ran down to find…

The Princess had just thrown up on herself.

Good gracious. I’m so knee deep in vomit this week. I just hope I don’t get this bug. I really can’t handle the thought of being sick. Besides – if I get sick, who takes care of me?

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  1. Mamacita Tina says

    Scary when little ones get sick.

    My little man got some sort of stomach virus and was vomitting every hour. The doctor prescribed suppositories. We didn’t end up using them since the little guy didn’t throw up anymore after seeing the doc. I ended up catching that darn virus. Hubby took over and did a great job while I recovered.

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