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Not So Hot

One of the grossest things about summer is the sheer number of people who are wearing less clothes than they should be. Yeah, I know it’s hot outside – but many people really need to wear more clothes, not less.

I’m not trying to be nasty about it (okay, I probably am), but I see my belly every day, I don’t want to see everyone else’s. And men? Just because you can take your shirt off in public, doesn’t mean you should.

Case in point – we have a new mailman who delivers our mail lately. We live in a rural-ish area, where the postal person drives from one mailbox to another. The new guy? He doesn’t wear his shirt. The days he does, he wears icky skimpy tank tops. From in my house with the doors and windows shut (’cause you know I’ve got the AC on), I can almost smell his B.O. seeping all over my magazines and junk mail. Not good.

This morning, at the park, there was a father there with his kids. First of all, much credit to the dad (or maybe it was a “manny”) taking his kids to the park, but you know what? Put your shirt back on Mr. Dad, because the view? Not so great. Yes, so he was the only male in the park old enough to vote, but lack of other scenery doesn’t mean us moms were enjoying the view. Put the shirt back on and help your kid on the slide.


Smelling the Barn…

I am currently experiencing downtime. For the first time in several weeks, I am sitting here without the urgent feeling of having to get something done, ASAP, NOW, PRONTO, RIGHTTHISMINUTEIMEANIT. It’s kinda lovely.

I’m bone tired and wondering why I ever thought I had a good deal working from home. This is my exhaustion speaking, I’m sure, as it usually is a good deal: Time with my girls, a paycheck coming in, my brain not turning to total goo. However, I’ve been so buried in a project the past several weeks, my every spare minute has been full (thus making the term “spare minute” pointless – spare minutes? I didn’t have any of those!).


Next week, I’m on vacation!

Am I going anywhere? No. Anything special planned? Not really. But – I won’t have to deal with databases or cross-referencing images to a catalog (talk about tedious), or doing any other gunk that doesn’t involve changing a diaper with one hand and flipping the pages of a magazine with the other.


Granted, I know my mentality – I will do work. These vacation days that I’m using? They are from 2005, people. Yes, these are vacation days from LAST YEAR that I’ve still not used. And after I use my vacation days next week? I’ll still have three from 2005 left. It’s nearly JULY and I haven’t started on this year’s vacation days yet!

Working from home, the office is never far enough away… but the dress code and the commute make up for it, I guess.

Linkin’ Blog Friday

Because it’s Friday and because I’m exhausted, instead of trying to form coherent sentences, I thought I’d share some fun links.

Things I’m Lovin’…
1. My friend M sent me an 80’s Music Quiz the other day. It takes a loooooong time, but what a fun trip down memory lane. I got a 97 (If you take it, be sure to comment and let me know how you did).

2. I try to limit the amount of time the TV is on while I’m home, but one of the shows I’m loving these days is Surviving Motherhood, on TLC.

3. The Princess is a fan of shows on Noggin… They call it “preschool on tv”, and the shows are cute.

4. I love rewards programs… getting points for buying stuff – yay. Coke has one (free downloads for my MP3!) and so does Pampers. I am only 60 points (or 20 packs of diapers) away from being able to get a Fisher Price InteracTV.

5. Because it’s summer… Why not mix two of my favorite things? Ice cream and coffee…. The mocha frappucino bars? Delish!

6. Why wear shoes? Two pair for $5! I just got granny smith and black flip flops yesterday (along with the hot pink and baby blue pairs I already had). It’s summer and I work from home (on the down side, Vogue called to tell me that since I dress like such a twelve year old, they won’t be needing me as their cover model this month. Um, yeah.)

7. I just went to the library this morning. Picked up My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I’ve read this book (and just about everything else Jodi Picoult has written), and loved it – so I’m about to read it again…

8. Because you just can’t be organized enough – The Container Store has these great Flip Boxes that I use to store the girls’ stuff. That reminds me… I need to order a few more. (Don’t get me wrong, my house still looks like maybe FEMA should give me a grant after the tornado went through it – but every little bit helps).

9. Sudoku… so my brain doesn’t turn to complete mush.

10. When both my kids are napping. No link for that – but since that’s what is currently happening, I am going to get some rest and eat some ice cream, while there is no one awake to share with!

How Exciting for the North Carolina Economy…

…and not so great for Michigan.

I received word today (from several co-workers) that it’s official: The company’s president says they will be closing our offices starting in October, in various phases, and will complete closing of our office in 2007 or 2008. Granted, I haven’t actually worked in the office since July 26 (the day before Pumpkin was born) and have been working in my jammies from home since, this is still “my office”, and I’m a bit saddened by this news. But not surprised.

In fact, the news has hit me oddly because, well… I don’t work in the office. So, if an office where I don’t work closes, does that mean I am out of a job as well?

No one seems to be able to tell me.

My former boss (I don’t seem to have a boss right now, actually) says she will continue to go to bat for me – that the company can move to China and I should still be fine working from home. My colleagues in our sister company in Oregon that I’ve been working with for the bulk of my hours assure me that they will write letters on my behalf if they have to – making it known that I am (and I quote) “an integral part” of a massive website related project these days. Former boss also tells me that we have another muckety-muck who thinks very highly of me and the work I do.

Fine and dandy.

But what does it mean?

To be honest, I don’t know. And on another note – I’m not sure how I feel about it all. Yeah, I’ve never been fired or “let go” or “laid off”. I feel in my heart that I will stay on board until they give me the heave-ho (all the better to get my unemployment, my dear). I like what I’m doing now – working plus being home with my girls.

The local news story says that my company has agencies working to help people find jobs. Um, that’s a service no one has offered me. Not sure if that means I don’t need it or if it means they have forgotten me (the latter is most likely).

So, today 80 people go home from work knowing that their days are numbered. A friend of mine found out and she tells me she called her husband and cried. After finding out, I took my girls to the park for a playgroup and a picnic lunch – what does that say about my work ethic?

Happy Father’s Day from The Princess

From the fill-in-the-blank card The Princess made for Hubby at preschool (her responses are in bold font)…

My Daddy is the most wonderful daddy in the world!

He is as handsome as a cow.
He is as strong as a super hero.
He can lift 7 pounds and is 7 feet tall.
His favorite food is salads.
His favorite activity is running with Mark.
In the good ole days when Daddy was little, he used to get into trouble.
I think my Daddy looks funny when he wears his yellow bunny shirt.
But I know he is really mad wehn he has an angry face.
I wish my Daddy would ride bikes with me everyday.
I would not trade my Daddy for Anything!
Happy Father’s Day!

Love, The Princess

My Water Babies

Today, with an expected high temperature outside of 92 degrees, Hubby and I took the kids to my mom’s house to swim in the pool. The Princess loves the swimming pool, and though she hasn’t had “official lessons” (she asked today if we could start taking her to swim class like her buddy Syd), she really gained comfort in the water since my mom got the pool. Pumpkin had never been in the pool, so we were geeked to put her in the water for the first time.

We started slow – dunking her feet in. Though it was super hot outside, the water in the pool was kinda chilly – it about made me jump out of my skin when I got in the pool (my mom splashing me from head to toe didn’t help – I prefer to ease into these things, y’know?). I thought Pumpkin would prefer that approach as well.

Mom’s husband had blown up the little baby cozy coupe swimming car floaty thingamabobber, and when we put her in, I could tell Pumpkin was sort of digging that. It had a horn after all – and she loves noise – especially the squeaky kind of noise. It didn’t take long for her to get fussy and whiny and gesture and point towards the deck – a.k.a. OUT of the pool.

While Hubby hung around outside with The Princess, who was gleefully dog-paddling and splashing around, I took Pumpkin inside to dry her off and take off her 300 pound Pamper (I haven’t gotten her the swim diapers yet – I thought I had some left from when The Princess was younger). Pumpkin took off crawling towards the bathroom, babbling, “Ba? Ba?” When we got into the bathroom, she pulled herself up to stand at the bathtub, “Ba! Ba!” She wanted a bath.

I ran her a bath, put her in the tub and let her crawl and splash around. At this point, that appears to be the kind of swimming she prefers.

At Least They’re Taking Turns

Pumpkin seems to be on the mend – having kept everything down for 24+ hours. She actually had a bottle of something other than PediaLyte this morning, and even a bit of rice cereal. I went to put her down for her morning nap and heard crying and yelling from downstairs. I ran down to find…

The Princess had just thrown up on herself.

Good gracious. I’m so knee deep in vomit this week. I just hope I don’t get this bug. I really can’t handle the thought of being sick. Besides – if I get sick, who takes care of me?

That Yucky Love Stuff

Today is Hubby’s and my nine year anniversary. Not nine years married yet (it’ll be six years of marriage come August), but nine years to the day when we ran into each other at a friend’s 21st birthday party (she turned the big 3-0 yesterday! Happy Birthday, M!).

The funny thing about me and Hubs is that we had dated in high school. For like, two weeks (the typical span of a high school relationship, no?). Originally, we met by a mutual friend’s locker (!), and then we started dating, which back in the day (pre-drivers license) consisted of watching movies at his house and several marathon phone calls. Anyway, we had one of those dramatic high school breakups (aren’t they all?) and didn’t speak again for a year or so. We finally patched up the rift and became friends as he graduated high school, and before he left for the Army.

We were such good friends that we were penpals while he was stationed in Cuba and I was even a guest at his first wedding (a marriage I knew would never last)!

Nine years ago, though, we ran into each other, and hit it off, and have been together ever since. It’s certainly been interesting – not always easy, that’s for sure. We’ve had struggles along the way – to be expected with an ex-wife and a kid in the picture from the get-go, but, each hurdle that has come our way, we’ve made the leap and we’ve cleared it, and we’ve done it together.

Though I may gripe and moan about Hubby, he’s a great guy. He’s a catch, that’s for sure! He’s a considerate caring Hubby, and he rocks as a dad (evidenced by the fact that The Princess likes him better – and Pumpkin will too, eventually, I’m sure!). Hard to believe that nine years has gone by since that night we saw each other at M’s party (he spilled his drink in my shoe, if you want to know what started that conversation!).

So – smoochies to you, Hubby. Happy Nine Years.

Water, Pedialyte, Jello, Juice – NOTHING WORKS!

After being puke free for 13 hours – Pumpkin basically lost every ounce of fluid I’d managed to get into her all day… ALL OVER ME.

She wanted nothing to do with most of what was offered – some sips of water here and there, one sip of juice, half a popsicle, one jello cup.

What to do? She’s in great spirits, aside from the barfing thing.

Baby Jello Shots

Paging Dr. Mommy…

What a night and what a day so far. After I had spent three hours hunched over my laptop working on a project for work last night, I heard the Pumpkin crying from her crib. At first, I didn’t respond, as she sometimes cries in her sleep – it’s brief, and then she drifts off again. But this time, she didn’t stop. It got more persistent, and when I went into her room, the smell hit me.

She’d been sick. As in -Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal sick. The Princess, of course, was procrastinating bedtime (it was 90 minutes past light’s out but she was in her room quietly playing), so I sent her downstairs to get Hubby. I no sooner picked up Pumpkin, and she puked all over me.

I’m not easily grossed out by bodily fluids – I once watched some friends clean out a deer without flinching, and I can watch the grossest of scenes on E.R. without covering my eyes or turning the other way. I credit my years of working in a hospital emergency room – a few shifts of blood and ooze and drunks peeing on themselves, and you can pretty much get through anything.

Except… Getting puked on. Those are the moments when you realize what love truly is – when a baby is tossing her cookies, and you hold on tighter, offering reassurances and trying to soothe her. Hubby helped me change her sheets, and we bathed her (after which I cleaned up – the smell of me was grossing me out), and put her back down. Within an hour, she did it again. We repeated the process, and tried to give a bit of Pedialyte. Repeat. By the third time (and the third bath!), we called the after hours nurse who advised a clear liquid diet for the next day or so – letting us know a stomach bug was indeed going around. We gave her a bit of water, put her down in her crib, and she snoozed until 6 a.m.

Hubby got up with her this a.m. and when I made it downstairs, he’d just finished giving her a bottle of formula (clear liquid? Eh, not so much). We quickly saw that come back up. Good Morning.

Another bath. Another shower for me. Off to the store.

Now, I’m pretty much stocked up on popsicles, Pedialyte and Jello. Pumpkin has two sippy cups (water and Pedialyte) and two bottles (water and Pedialyte!) in the living room. I have them stashed on the floor all over the place so she can easily get to fluids – I even have a sippy of water in her crib where she is currently napping. She really liked the Jello, but didn’t seem crazy about the popsicles. The Princess is at a playdate, and for the time being, I’m getting caught up on washing every baby sheet we own, since we used them all last night.

It’s no fun to have a sick baby…. Poor little thing.