The Vinyl Solution – Can’t Find It!

Currently, my arms are in an achy, sore state of being and I feel like they might fall off. Did I just complete an arm workout? No. I have been working on hanging a new vinyl shower curtain liner in the bathroom. And the liner is winning. I can’t get the darn thing up!

Part of my problem is I picked up a new fangled liner – one with metal grommets reinforcing the holes so that one can use one of those pretty “hooks” to hang the shower curtain – a decorative pretty hook. Well, I didn’t want decorative and pretty. I wanted to use the cheap, but functional ring that you can buy a dozen for under $2. I’m all about functional (and cheap!). Half of the rings are in, half I can’t fit. I don’t understand if the problem is that the rings are inconsistently sized, or if the grommets are – or both. In either case – only five of the 12 rings are in, and the remainder have yet to be dealt with, because at this point, I’m ready to say, “Forget it! Everyone can just take a bath!”

Or I may cave and buy the pretty little hooks.

I wonder if that’s the conspiracy – frustrate me so badly that I cave and buy the overpriced shower curtain hardware.

Sigh. This shouldn’t be that difficult… so why is it?

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