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With the warmer weather, I am able to take my workouts outside… Meaning, instead of moseying on the treadmill daily (all that work to go nowhere), for 30 minutes, I get some fresh air, solitude, and a chance to see neighbors I haven’t seen since the first frost of winter. It’s been fun.

I have to admit, part of the fun is watching people interact as I walk by – just seeing these brief glimpses of someone else’s life and imagining the stories behind it. Yesterday, I saw a neighbor take a picture of his wife’s tush with a camera phone as she walked away! He wasn’t the least bit discreet about it – and I was half laughing and half thinking to myself, “How cool that they are still so in love!” (Or at least he is, anyway).

Our neighbor down the street is a young girl who appears to be about 9, and she likes to ride her scooter past this 10 year old boy’s house. It’s funny – yesterday, during a four minute duration, she went past his house about six times – stopping before her first trip in front of his house to fluff her hair and put sunglasses on. I was just in shock – I remember the boy I had a crush on at her age – and I can’t imagine ever to have been so brazen as to ride my scooter past his house over and over (and over and over!). What must her mother think? (Wondering if the boy even noticed – or if he was even home!).

Kids are out riding bikes and the other moms in the neighborhood have been out walking, and pushing strollers, and kids in wagons. I love this time of year.

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  1. Farm Wife says

    I would have ran past his house as fast as my chicken legs would’ve carried me…over and over again. Partly because I’d want him to notice me, but mostly because I’d be terrified if he did.

    This post makes me miss living in town. I miss walking and waving at my neighbors…

  2. We’re just beginning this out here. It’s so fun when all the kids are out. And I got to hold my neighbors new baby because it’s nice enough to bring her out! So fun.

  3. Spring is great for meeting with the neighbors…seems like everyone is out puttering on something or other.

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