One sick baby with a temperature + One 3-year-old scream-singing “Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer” = One Mama who Needs a Calgon Moment (or two)

Pumpkin has a temp of about 101, even just four hours after I gave her ibuprofen (which is supposed to last 6-8 hours). She’s tired, clingy, and crabby. The doctor’s office says, “Hydrate and don’t overdress her. Give her the ibuprofen…”

I know fevers are the body’s way to fight an infection, so it’s a good thing… but because The Princess was given to febrile seizures when she was younger, I am so paranoid about fevers. It’s been a long day.

Send us some get-well thoughts, if you don’t mind….

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  1. I’m sorry the baby isn’t feeling well. My kids like popsicles and luke warm baths when they’re running a fever. Pedia-Lite makes a decent popsicle and they’re good for dehydration. And even more fun if they can eat them while soaking in the bath! No clean up!
    Sending feel good vibes your way and prayers for a quick recovery and super mommy strength.

  2. Chocolate for tired mommies works well too, I hear. Sending prayers, virtual smiles and wishes for healthy and cheerful kiddos your way…. Blessings to you!

  3. You know, some chocolate would be bliss right now. Actually what sounds really good is a hot cocoa with whipped cream. And marshmallows.

  4. Um-m-m. Chocolate makes everything better. Sorry Pumpkin is under the weather. When babies are sick the whole house feels it. Sending prayers your way.

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