SuperBowl Sunday…

Like millions of Americans, I’ll be parked in front of the television tonight for the SuperBowl. The thing is, I could care less about Seattle or Pittsburgh. I’m not from there, and I actually think NFL football (don’t slam me!) is pretty boring! I could watch Big Ten football, and be okay with it [in all honesty, though I like college football somewhat, I would rather watch ANYONE play hockey].

But still, I tune in to the SuperBowl every year for one reason and one reason only. No, it’s not to see if someone else loses their top this year.

I like to watch the commercials.

As most people know, many major companies create new ads and spend beaucoup bucks to air them during the game. And much of the time, these ads are hilarious. I look forward to seeing the new ads, and reading the buzz about which ones were the best on the Monday following the game. This year is no different.

Wish I could get a reverse TiVo – skip the game, watch only the commercials… and wait out the hours until “Grey’s Anatomy” comes on.

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  1. Me too! Grays Anatomy is supposed to be amazingly good tonight. I can’t wait!

    As for the game I wanted to bet on it so it would be interesting enough to watch, but Hub and I both want to bet on the Steelers, not because we like them but because they are the top pick to win on the news, so we can’t get a good bet going.

  2. I’m watching to see if someone breaks the 85 yard TD pass record… Papa Johns pizza (my FAVORITE!) has a promotion going where if the record gets broken, you can get a free pizza. I’m all about the free pizza, baby!

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