Stocking up for Y3K?

Hubby and I are world-class food hoarders. I didn’t always believe this, but lately, I’m starting to think it might be so. We have put a little food pantry in our garage for non-perishables that we have stocked up on because of great sales and coupons, and we’ve had the same bag of chips in our cupboard now for a month and a half almost. Unopened. What is up with that?

I have to mention these chips, because when I think of an unopened bag of chips, I instantly think that they must be generic greasy boring potato chips or those tooth breaking Krunchers (man, I hate those!). But nope. These are really good ones – Barbecue Baked Lays – my favorite. Hubby and I got these the first week of the New Year (the only week baked chips ever seem to go on sale, when all these people in the world think they are going to diet for their resolutions, whatever). They were on sale, we had a coupon – so even though we don’t normally buy chips, we bought the Lays.

And now, a month and a half later, they are still here, unopened.

It’s not that I don’t want to eat them. Quite the contrary. I want to eat them. Every few days I remember they are there, and think, “Chips. That would go really well with my [insert meal here]!” But I leave them up in the cupboard because I know this about myself:

I am weak.

Hubby is as well. Neither of us will rest until not a crumb remains in that bag once we have opened it and started eating them. We are like children… or untamed zoo creatures that way. As long as there is an open bag of chips in our house, we can not stop eating. So we haven’t even started.

Usually, Hubby caves before I do – and I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t yet. It’s so not like him that I bet he’s forgotten that we bought them. But, I’m quite aware of their presence… As I type this, I’m half salivating, thinking I should just go eat the darn things! I know myself better than that, though – I’ll go downstairs and start munching on something else until I’ve forgotten the chips again. Ten years from now, The Princess will have friends over after school, and we’ll finally bust out the chips. Thank goodness they are loaded with salt and preservatives – they’ll still be fresh.

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  1. Hilarous!

  2. He must read my blog – though I didn’t think he did – because lo and behold, today, he opened the @#$% chips. More than half the bag is already gone. Let me add that it hasn’t been Hubby alone doing the damage to this bag o’ chips. Sigh.

  3. LOL, he was probably obsessing about the chips as much as you were!!!!

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