Phooey on YOU, Postal Service!

That darn US Postal Service. I really think they are withholding my magazines and only delivering bills. It’s been a good week and a half (or not so good, actually) since I’ve gotten any good mail, and I really think it’s because the gals who work in our post office just aren’t done reading my magazines yet. I’m running out of things to read, and I need my magazines NOW!

I subscribe to a LOT of magazines. I’m a voracious reader and sometimes like a change of pace from books. To list a few of the many, I subscribe to: Cooking Light, Parents, Parenting, Glamour, Redbook, and Shape. There are actually several more that I subscribe to and read on a regular basis – which is why it’s odd when a week goes by and I haven’t gotten any magazines. I’m not even getting any GOOD junk mail these days.

I’ve about had it – first, they upped the price of stamps (AGAIN) and now, they’re hoarding my magazines. I may have to go down there and complain.

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  1. Just be careful. There’s a reason they call it “going postal!”

  2. call ’em and ask if there are any good articles in there this month.

    I swear, I dont think my PO picks up mail on Saturdays or Mondays here.

  3. I wonder if they read my blog – I got several good pieces of mail today: one magazine, the check stub for my paycheck, and a book I had ordered for the girls… They musta figured out that I was on to them!

  4. It’s interesting to find out what magazines a person reads. I think it tells a lot about them.

  5. I really should make a list… I read so many magazines (I subscribe to many, plus have a few I pick up at the grocery store – but should subscribe to – Real Simple being my favorite – I’d save some $$ if I would just cave and subscribe). I recently started getting a magazine called “All You” in the mail. I have no idea how or why – I certainly wouldn’t pay money for it… it’s kind of a cheapy tabloid type magazine – even the paper feels cheapy. But, I save it to read when I have nothing else. One of these days, I’ll have to have a whole blog topic about all the magazines in my life ; )

  6. Me too, I’m hooked on them plus it’s like getting a nice surprise in the mailbox when I find one in there.

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