My Week In Numbers…

Number of cartons of ice cream eaten to avoid polishing off the bag of Baked Lays: 1
Days in a row I have eaten a bowl of ice cream before bed: 5
[Side note: Flavor – French Silk from Edy’s Slow Churned – yuuuuuummmmmmmy!]

Miles per hour over the speed limit I was going when I got pulled over yesterday: 12
What I thought the speed was: 45
What it really was: 30
Number of tickets I was issued: 0
[And NO, I didn’t cry and I didn’t flirt- but I was straight up honest with the cop – yes I was speeding, but I thought the speed limit was 45 there…. Apparently I was wrong, but he thanked me for my honesty]
Number of people The Princess told about the police having to come to our car: 3

Number of Starbucks visits this week: 2
Number of Starbucks caps received as a gift: 1
Number of times I wished I could have caf, not decaf: 100!

Number of hours DH spent in the ER last night: 2.5
Number of hours DH must now keep his very sprained (but luckily not broken) ankle elevated: 24-36
Number of moles on my left forearm: 14
Number of suspicious looking moles my dermatologist found today: 0
[Note: they say after the age of 20, it’s a good idea to go to a dermatologist and have your moles looked over… consider this my public service announcement – get those moles checked, wear that sunscreen!]
Amount spent on doctor copays this week: $75

Number of frilly flower girl dresses purchased this week: 1
Number of happy 3-year-olds who get to wear frilly flower girl dress: 1
Number of relatives who can’t wait to see more pictures of 3 year old in frilly flower girl dress: too many to count

Number of people in this house who need a weekend REALLY badly: 2
Number of people in this house who will actually get any rest this weekend: 0

Thank goodness tomorrow’s Friday…

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  1. My sympathies to hubby. I sprained my ankle badly at the end of October and mine took 14 weeks to heal and feel like normal again.

  2. 14 weeks?! I honestly don’t know if I can handle him hobbling around for 14 weeks… Ay yi yi!!!

  3. Eat the baked Lays…they’re going to haunt you forever if you don’t!

  4. Very Bridget Jones!

    I’m with Cate, eat the Lays- their baked. You can count them as a vegetable!

    I sprained my ankle every year from 3rd-11th grade. It sucks, but I was back up and going in a week each time… but I was younger than Hubby.

  5. It didn’t help that all the medical “experts” (aka coworkers) were freaking me out with their “A sprained ankle should only take 6-8 weeks to heal”. I was at the doctor’s office 3 times, and fortunately the last time I actually got to see MY doctor who confirmed that there was no cause for alarm, all sprains are different and so is all healing.

    Here’s hoping hubby bounces back quicker than I did!

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