Ix-Nay on the TMI, Please!

Hubby was telling me the other day that one of his friends, and his friend’s wife, of course, have decided they will soon start trying to have a baby. Their son is 4 and they feel the time is right. Charming, lovely, sweet. Except…

I hate knowing details like this about people!

When Hubby and I were trying to conceive, believe me, there were very few people (if any) that knew about it – and that was exactly the way I wanted it. I didn’t want to have people asking me, “So, how’s the baby-making going?” I’m just not a too-much-information kind of girl. I didn’t want that many people thinking about what was going on behind closed doors, and I generally have that philosophy that well, I don’t need to know what’s going on behind other peoples’ closed doors either.

So, to find out that this couple (and what a nice couple they are, really) is trying to conceive…it forces me to make my brain NOT think about that when I’m around them! I mean, ack, I know how babies are made, and I just don’t want to know that about other people. Granted, there are some exceptions to this. I have friends that have had difficulty conceiving and I’ve been glad to offer my love and support, and a listening ear – but do I want to know about couples doing the “baby-dance” every other day? Um, not so much!

Does that mean I’m a prude? Probably! Despite the fact that I love the show Sex and the City, I just don’t have friendships like that, where my friends and I gab about anything and everything under the sun. Do they censor themselves because of me or are they just as hush-hush as I am? I don’t really know, and that’s fine.

Hubby’s friend told Hubby the first time this friend’s wife bought a pair of thong underwear. Hubby then told me. I then had to keep a straight face the next time I saw the wife – because I knew what kind of underwear she had on (but amusing that this was such a newsworthy tidbit that her husband had to share it!). Really, people, don’t take my mind places it doesn’t want to go!

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  1. I once read a book by Paul Reiser and in it he said that telling people that you’re trying for a baby is just telling people you’re having sex on a regular basis. Which is odd. I think.

    When we got pregnant, everyone said “we didn’t even know you were trying!”. Um…yeah. I didn’t tell you. Because you didn’t need to know.

  2. That’s exactly it… who really needs to know that?

  3. oh gosh..oh. hmmmmmmmmmm

  4. We tried to keep it quiet the first time we were “trying” to no avail. Everyone asked. Everyone nosed. The beans were accidentally spilled. I think deep down people don’t want to know about the “baby making” as much as they want to know when you’re joining the rest of adultdom by doing the pc thing of procreating.

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