Happy Freakin’ Valentines Day!

Some men really know how to screw up a day that is supposed to be filled with romance and love. I’m not talking about my husband (he’s given me a wonderful card already today and I’ve been told that, “The day isn’t over yet!” – which translates into, “I haven’t had time to buy a gift for you yet, but I just might before I come home tonight!”).

I called my mom to wish her a Happy Valentines Day and she told me her best friend called her at 7 this morning – not altogether odd, except her friend is on the west coast, so that is four a.m. to her. Apparently, this woman’s husband is leaving her. For his old girlfriend. And he told her last night. Which, in and of itself is horrid. Matters made worse by the fact that last night was not only the Eve of Valentines Day, but also the EVE of their wedding anniversary! Twenty-some years they have been married and the bozo calls it quits the day before their anniversary.

This bonehead has been supported by his loving wife (who rocks, and has always been there for my mom through the years) for years – and he hasn’t held a job in two years. His new woman (well, not so new I guess – who on earth goes back to an ex from twenty plus years ago?!) apparently doesn’t work either, and lives off of child support. What a match made in heaven.

Casanova, he ain’t.

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  1. WHAT? is the moron thinking? I’ll never get it…. really.

    hmmmmmmmmmm… Hoping you get something interesting for V-day!

  2. Hubby done good – he brought me home a Starbucks and my favorite – yellow roses!

  3. That’s so sad. My best friend is celebrating her valentine’s day/9th wedding anniversary alone as well. The divorce should go through soon. That bone head left for another woman too. Is this an omen, never get married on Valentine’s day?

  4. It happens… no matter what day. Jerks can be jerks all year.

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