Happiness Is…

… a well-rested mama (Oh, and a sleeping baby, too).

Pumpkin is still sleeping. Yes, twelve straight hours now. I’m so happy, I could just do a little happy dance. I think partly, we can thank those lovely vaccinations she got at the doctor’s office yesterday. I think the other part of the equation is that she finally figured out that if she rolled onto her tummy, she could sleep better.

With the “Back to Sleep” campaign, we’ve always put her to bed on her back, however, I’ve read that once babies are old enough to roll to their bellies, it’s safe for them to sleep that way. Yeah, I’m still a bit paranoid – after all these hours of sleep, I’ve been in there several times to watch her breathe. But, by golly: She’s sleeping!

As a result, I hit the hay at 10, and was up at 6:30! Eight and a half hours of sleep. Let me say that again: Eight and a half hours of sleep. Granted, I woke up a few times to check on her and to marvel that, “Hey, it’s 3 a.m. and she hasn’t woken up yet” or “Hey, it’s 5:30 a.m. and she hasn’t woken up yet!” And now, it’s been 12 hours, and she’s still snoozing, and I’m just stunned.

Yesterday, her doctor told us: “Babies who don’t sleep well during the day, tend to not sleep well at night.” She stressed the importance of letting her have time by herself – two one-hour periods daily. Yesterday, she spent most of her hour screaming. It broke my heart (on the other hand, during that time, The Princess and I made some very yummy cookies – so that was a plus). I thought for sure we’d be up several times last night. But – we WEREN’T!

I feel so well-rested. It’s gonna be a good day.

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  1. This is a monumental event! It’s such a great thing when babies actually sleep! Congratulations to Pumpkin, too, for figuring out how to get comfortable.

  2. It was only one night, so keep your fingers crossed for me. As I type, she’s now been napping for 1 hour and 9 minutes…

  3. Yippie to the sleeping! Glad you are getting more as well.


  4. I’d send you flowers to commemorate the occasion if I could. I also wake up thinking, why hasn’t the baby been up yet? Then I can never seem to get back to sleep.
    My kids refused to sleep on their backs once they could push up. I took a lot of flack for that, but they all survived.

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