Gotta Love That Bald Man…

I’m not one who enjoys cleaning by any means, so I had to share my latest find… The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser… When nothing would get The Princess’s “art” off the wall of her room, this thing worked (I had a sample stashed in our kitchen that I hadn’t used). I then decided to try it on our bathtub, which, grossly enough, I’ve neglected a little too long (besides spraying it with shower cleaner… which is pointless, in my opinion). You have to use a little muscle, but darned if my tub isn’t sparkling.

Whoo hoo.

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  1. I’ve used it on my tennis shoes with amazing results, but on my walls where the kids had marked them it took a little of the paint with it. I’m going to try it in the bathroom, now that you’ve mentioned that it works so well there. Isn’t it funny the way it squenches down into nothing much as you use it?

  2. No kidding… My sample isn’t gonna last forever – I will definitely be keeping them on hand!

  3. Sarah, When you buy your own spring for the ones with the blue sponge thingy on the back. They hold up better and you can flip it over and wipe up the excess water.
    I tried it on my shower door and it left a nasty white film beind. Did you have that problem? I love it for shoes and crayon dents on the floor (you know, the marks made by dropping crayons off the high chair).

  4. No film… but I don’t have a glass shower door (just a curtain) and the rest of the tub, etc., is white anyway – if there was film, it blends in…

    Thansk for the tip – I’ll have to get the blue spongey thing.

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