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“Rent” came out on DVD yesterday and of course, I bought it. I wasn’t going to – I even tried to talk myself out of it while I was at the store, but ultimately justified the purchase by telling myself that I’ve saved our family more than the $16 I paid by nursing Pumpkin, so I happily put it in my cart.

(Of course, I was at Target, and you can’t just buy ONE thing at Target – I ended up getting baby food, a t-shirt on clearance – $2.50!!!, protein bars, a bag of Goldfish Pretzels to eat on the drive home, and some soda).

In my mind, I just had this feeling Hubby was going to give me crap about it – I don’t know why, I don’t ever splurge on things, I’m just not a shopper. I can’t remember the last time I went all-out and spent money on myself. I just don’t do that. I dropped him an email telling him I bought “Rent” and how I justified it. He emailed me back, “I was waiting to see if you bought it today – if you hadn’t, I was going to pick it up for you tomorrow.”

How can you not love that man?

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  1. That’s sweet of him…I haven’t sprung it on The Man yet that I picked it up yesterday at Target too. But I should get points for getting it at Target instead of Blockbuster where it’s a full $5 more.

  2. I do the same thing. Buy something and then spend all day justifying it and worrying about how Husband will react. Now I’m just going to say, “I don’t want to hear it. You just bought 2 dogs!”

  3. I dont’ know why I even think about it – Hubby’s never given me a hard time about buying anything. His philosophy (so different from mine) is, “It’s only money, I make it every day.” Um, yeah, whatever, bub. Goofy philosophy – but… I give myself the guilt about purchases!

  4. Is it good? I didn’t see it at the movies. What’s it like?

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