A Taste of Freedom!

Yesterday, Hubby held down the fort with the girls while I went flower girl dress shopping with M (The Princess will be a flower girl in the wedding – she is so excited). In addition to The Princess and Pumpkin, Stepson is over this weekend – so Hubby was dealing with THREE KIDS. Yes, a difficult feat, and not something he has had to do on a regular basis, so I was a bit worried (especially because Pumpkin is temperamental, and won’t always take a bottle).

After The Princess’s gymnastics class was over, I hopped in the car, and drove out of town… by myself! To say that I haven’t been alone in my car for a month would NOT be an exaggeration. I can’t think of the last time I went somewhere without having to buckle carseats and get kids situated. Yesterday, it was just me. I drove with the radio up too loud and I was able to stop at Starbucks and just dash in (rather than have to unbuckle two kids and buckle them back up when we were done!).

I arrived at the bridal store where M and I, as well as another one of her good friends, meandered over dresses. We then perused jewelry for the bridal party before moving on to another mall.

I was able to spend a few hours shopping with M, as well as sit down to a nice lunch and just be a friend, and not in mommy mode. I love being a mom – with my whole heart – but it felt good to be spending time with one of my dear friends, and it felt good to have that time for me. M and I had a great chat at lunch (hitting the big topics without offending each other — whoo hoo!), and I drove home at the end of it all, looking forward to seeing my girls, but glad that Hubby had had some time to do things on his own.

I came home to a content family – Pumpkin had taken her bottle, The Princess had had a great time, Hubby didn’t even look frazzled – and they got a content mommy back. What a great deal for everyone.

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  1. WOW!!!! I’m so jealous! O.K. so it’s not like I didn’t get to ditch my fam and head to the movies Sunday… Pride and Prejudice… I can’t quit talking about it! Isn’t it great to get away? And they actually seem cuter when you come home (if that’s possible).

  2. I think you should maybe do this once a week! Schedule some YOU time.
    KimChi (I need to sign up to this blog)

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