Sunday Drives

After waiting all day for Hubby’s parents to show up (a story in and of itself: they called last night asking if we’d be home today so they could come over and bring the kids’ Christmas presents, they said they’d call before they stopped by) with no call and no sight of them, Hubby and I loaded up the girls and all of our recycling to head out for a quick trip to the recycling transfer station [Note: Recycle, recycle, recyle!].

After slinging in several bags of newspaper into the bin, as well as various plastics and glass, we loaded back into the car where we noticed that Pumpkin was sleeping. She has been boycotting naps today – so the sight of a sleeping baby was just absolutely joyous. Two miles down the road and The Princess was sleeping too. Knowing full well that if we drove home, both girls would immediately wake up upon getting out of the car, Hubby and I decided we would drive around some more.

We made up errands just to keep moving, stopping at the grocery store to pick up a few things (I ran in while Hubby stayed with the sleeping beauties), and Hubby drove slower than I have ever known him to drive. By the time we got home, both girls had gotten about an hour each of rest, which is better than nothing.

I now know why so many people take Sunday drives (and why they are driving so slow!).

As a P.S., we noticed when we got home that the presents from my in-laws were in Hubby’s car – this means that they were by when we were home and our garage was open — they didn’t even come to the door to say “hi”! Not that I mind, but they are some strange folks, let me tell ya.

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  1. P.S. “Strage Folks” doesn’t half cover my in-laws, but I may borrow the phrase. It’s nicer than what I usually say.

  2. Yeah… I edited for purposes of my blog as well… ; )

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